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2013 State of Osun House of Assembly
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Rt. Hon. Salaam F. Najeem
Hon. Speaker

Four decades and seven years ago, young Najeem Folasayo Salaam was born in a Ejigbo into a family of relatively comfortable parents, Mr. And Madam Salaam. Due to the level of civilization that could be existing then in the mid 60s, the only ambition of his parents could be to see Folasayo growing in trade, so that their proud son could have money to measure up to his peers in the future.
However, Young Salaam, while growing up had an ambition to engage in business, possibly resident in ‘Home away from home’ in Cote D’voir like his elderly ones then with a view to returning home with good wealth that would be used for the benefit of his kinsmen and his immediate family.
As a young boy with a promising future, whose watchwords were the aforesaid altruism above, Salaam was enrolled in Ansar-U-Deen primary School, Ejigbo, and he had a smooth ride to post elementary education at Baptist High School, Ola situated in Ejigbo Local Government, before he proceeded to Baptist High School, Ejigbo in the early to middle 80s.

While his colleagues, were venturing into trading, farming ...

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